Dear ....
 I had sent the email below to an email
 I want to first say again how very sorry we
at OptiGen are for the serious mistake we made in the original reporting
of Devon's prcd-PRA test result.  In 2006 we reported that Devon was Normal.   He is a
Carrier for prcd.  We are sure that we have identified the cause of this
mistake--it was a completely human error in which a group of a dozen
samples were incorrectly placed in one of our machines that amplifies
DNA.  The technician responsible for that error no longer works at
OptiGen.  Everyone whose dog was involved in this error has been
contacted but that is not the end of the problem.
    I am sure that you may have questions and I
expect we will be communicating again soon. Again, on behalf of the
entire staff at OptiGen, I am very sorry for this human error and I hope
we can begin to make up for any problems this has caused you.
Sue PK